11 Top Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors Ranked

Ben & Jerry’s icecream is the number one ice cream choice. We have seen this ice cream brand grow exponentially over the past decade due to its variety, unique packaging, flavor names, elite taste and ability satisfy every craving. Which flavor is the best? We’ve compiled a list with the top 11 Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream flavors.

11. Pistachio, Pistachio

 There are two types of people who love pistachio. Pistachio ice cream with roasted pistachio. This flavor’s name is not to be pronounced, but it amplifies. Just How much pistachio is in this Ben & Jerry’s favorite?

10. Mint Chocolate Cookie

 A simple mint chocolate chip ice cream is great for most people. A cookie and cream is also a great option. Combine the two and you get Ben & Jerry’s mint chocolate cookie version. It’s the crossover event we all knew we needed.

9. Phish Food

After its iconic marshmallow and caramel swirl and fudge fish, Phish food was a hit and it exploded onto the market. It slowly lost its relevance, much like the legendary band Phish, and the B&J’s giant slowly fell off the charts.

8. Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey is loved by a certain type of person. It is banana icecream after all. This Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream flavor contains fairtrade certified bananas and loads of fudge chunks and nuts. This is a great way to pretend you are eating healthier, but you’re still enjoying ice cream.

7. Cherry Garcia

Ice cream made for Dead Heads It is described as euphorically edible by the website, which is what most people around the world call edibles. Cherry Garcia is a beloved flavor that will remain popular for many years to come. However, Ben & Jerry has made it the most overrated flavor.

6. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

 Ice cream with a purpose. This iconic Ben & Jerry’s flavor features fudge brownies made by Greyston Bakery in New York. They are committed to providing jobs and training for low-income residents of the city.

5. Peanut Butter Fudge Core

Some Ben & Jerry’s fudge flavors are not as popular as others. The Peanut Butter Fudge Core is a winner. Peanut butter and chocolate will remain an iconic combination. The contrast between the peanut butter cups and the gooey fudge centers works, and it works well.

4. Half Baked

Cookies dough and fudge brownies. Half Baked is my favorite because I only eat it fully baked. This ice cream flavor is a great choice for Mt. Rushmore flavors.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Sometimes the original is better. We recommend the classic chocolate chip cookie dough flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream if you want the best Ben & Jerry’s flavors. This flavor is available in every variation, including the pint slices and the chunks. It’s better to not overthink things.

2. Tonight Dough

Celebrity and Ben & Jerry’s are a long-standing story. This flavor is perfect Jimmy Fallon’s, featuring two kinds of ice cream: chocolate cookie swirls, and large quantities of cookie dough. It’s rich, and it’s delicious. A pint of Tonight Dough is a must.

1. Americone Dream

Waffle cones topped with fudge, caramel swirl, and vanilla ice cream. All proceeds go to The Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream Fund. It doesn’t get much better than this! Americone Dream is the elite in Ben & Jerry’s flavor selections and this will not change.

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