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Advanced Mobility in Diagnostics: Tianlong Gentier Mini+ Redefines Portable PCR Equipment

Tianlong’s latest innovation, the Gentier Mini+, represents a significant leap forward in portable PCR technology. Designed with mobility, efficiency, and precision in mind, this device caters to the growing needs of mobile laboratories, on-site testing facilities, and small research centers. Its ability to provide quick and accurate results makes the Gentier Mini+ an indispensable tool in fields such as animal disease management, infectious disease control, and food safety. This article will delve into the features that make the Gentier Mini+ a revolutionary portable PCR solution, enhancing the capabilities of professionals across various scientific disciplines.

Exceptional Portability and User-Friendly Design

The compact and lightweight design of the Tianlong Gentier Mini+ ensures it can be easily transported to different locations, providing flexibility that is essential for field diagnostics and mobile labs. Its design is specifically tailored to save bench space while offering the robust functionality expected of top-tier laboratory equipment. The absence of a need for fluorescence calibration after movement further enhances its utility, ensuring that the Gentier Mini+ is always ready for use, regardless of the setting.

Rapid and Efficient Sample Processing

Speed is vital in diagnostic testing, and the Gentier Mini+ excels with its ability to perform fluorescence scanning of 16 wells in just one second. This rapid scanning capability, coupled with four fluorescence channels and dye compatibility across a broad spectrum, ensures that the Gentier Mini+ can meet the demands of high-throughput environments while maintaining accuracy and reliability in its results. This feature significantly enhances lab efficiency, reducing the turnaround time for critical tests.

Versatile Connectivity and Analysis Options

In addition to its physical capabilities, the Gentier Mini+ features a range of control and connectivity options that promote ease of use and continuous operation. Whether through its 7-inch touch screen, computer software, or remote tablet control, users can choose the most convenient mode for their specific environment. The device’s ability to stay connected via WiFi, USB, and internet interfaces ensures seamless integration into existing lab networks, facilitating real-time data sharing and management.


With the introduction of the Tianlong Gentier Mini+ into the market, Tianlong has set a new standard for portable PCR equipment. The device’s blend of speed, portability, and connectivity makes it a powerful tool for professionals needing reliable and efficient diagnostic solutions outside traditional lab environments. As the demand for versatile and mobile diagnostic equipment grows, the Gentier Mini+ is well-positioned to become a leading choice for scientists and healthcare providers worldwide, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in portable PCR technology.

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