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Breaking Ground in Plastic Extrusion: Unveiling the Story Behind Boyu Extruder

Welcome to the world of plastic extrusion, where innovation meets efficiency and Boyu Extruder is at the center of it all. Boyu Extruder has been a leading extrusion machine manufacturer of high performance extrusion equipment that has been in operation for over 20 years. From its humble beginnings to becoming an industry leader, this blog post will take you on a captivating journey through innovation, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Early Years: Development of their Plastic Extruder Technology

The leading extrusion machine manufacturer was founded in 1998 in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The early days of Boyu Extruder were marked by the development of its PVC foamed board, which quickly gained popularity among customers due to its exceptional performance and reliability. In the following years, Boyu Extruder designed and manufactured a series of profile production lines and received good market response. An important milestone for Boyu Extruder was when it first produced the WPC flooring production line for the first time and entered the field of flooring equipment manufacturing and launched the PVC imitation marble sheet production line in 2010.

Expansion and Global Reach: The Growth of Boyu Extruder Worldwide

Boyu Extruder, invested heavily in new technologies, equipment, and talents to  explore overseas market. In 2012, series profile production lines were introduced to Thailand. The company further consolidated its position as an industry leader through continuous research and development efforts. Boyu ‘s SPC flooring production line is officially put into the domestic market in 2015. With the continuous development of the company, the company has obtained global certifications. Recent years, Boyu invested 30,000 square meters in new factories to further expand production capacity to meet the needs of domestic and overseas markets.


The vision of Boyu Extruder is creating the green life. Their goal is not only to produce top-of-the-line machinery but also to do so in an environmentally responsible manner.With a focus on sustainability for many years, Boyu Extruder has set itself apart from other companies by incorporating eco-friendly practices into their manufacturing process. Look no further, they will be your best sustainable business partner!

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