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Enhancing Solar Thermal Energy Installations with Hoymiles Cable Accessories

Hoymiles, a prominent brand in the solar energy industry, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality cable accessories designed to streamline the installation process of solar microinverters. These cable accessories play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and reliable functioning of solar thermal energy systems. Hoymiles’ commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every aspect of their cable accessory products.

Expanding Installation Flexibility with Extension Cables

Hoymiles’ extension cables enable solar thermal energy systems to overcome distance limitations between microinverters and PV modules. The DC Extension Cable and AC Extension Cable ensure a reliable connection when the original cable length is insufficient. These extension cables facilitate the expansion of system layouts, allowing for optimized positioning of PV modules and microinverters. With Hoymiles’ extension cables, solar system designers and installers have increased flexibility and adaptability in configuring installations to maximize energy production.

Efficient and Convenient Installation with Trunk Cables and Connectors

Hoymiles’ Trunk Cables and Trunk Connectors provide a plug-and-play solution for streamlined installation processes. The AC Trunk Cable, available in various configurations, connects microinverters to the distribution box. The evenly distributed Trunk Connector spacing enhances installation efficiency. For added convenience, the AC Trunk Connector Unlock Tool enables easy removal and replacement of cables. Similarly, the 3P-AC Trunk Cable and 3P-AC Trunk Connector offer efficient connectivity options for three-phase systems, further simplifying installation procedures.


Hoymiles’ cable accessories are essential components that contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of solar thermal energy systems. The seamless connectivity offered by AC cable accessories, the flexibility provided by extension cables, and the convenience of trunk cables and connectors enable smooth installations. By incorporating Hoymiles’ high-quality cable accessories, solar system designers and installers can optimize system performance, streamline the installation process, and contribute to the advancement of solar thermal energy technology.

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