Everything About How to Play Sic Bo Online and Always Win

Special interest in how to play Sic Bo online and always win is constantly increasing from the gaming community, especially new players. This game has strong appeal and is relatively simple to play. However, if you do not clearly understand the rules of the game, the risk of loss is very high. Join Nhà cái New88 to discover some tips from experts in the Sic Bo game below, don’t miss it!

Introduction to online Sic Bo at bookmaker NEW88

Online Sic Bo at NEW88: Reputable and diverse online casino

Before knowing how to play Sic Bo online, you need to understand more about this game:

What is online Sic Bo?

Tai Xiu, also known by names such as Sicbo, Over/Under (O/U), or big – small, is a game that originated in China and then became widely popular in many countries. Other Asia.

In this game, players use 3 dice (dice), each with 6 sides, each side has a score from 1 to 6. While playing, the player only needs to bet on the total score of 3 dice, predict whether the total will be in the range Over (total score greater than a certain threshold) or Under (total score less than that threshold). After that, the dealer will roll the dice and announce the results to the players.

Currently, the Sic Bo game has become an indispensable part in most casinos around the world. However, not everyone has the opportunity to experience the luxurious space of real casinos. Therefore, online Sic Bo has become a popular choice, serving the entertainment needs of the majority of players.

How to play Sic Bo onlinethat bettors should know

Before exploringHow to play Sic Bo online from experts, players need to clearly understand the basic rules of this game. The rules of Sic Bo are quite simple: players use three dice to create the result and simply choose between “over” or “under”. However, over time, the game has undergone many changes and developed many different forms of betting.

When the total score of the three dice when added together is from 4 to 10, the result will be under. Meanwhile, if the total score is from 11 to 17, the result will be over. If all three dice have the same number, the player will lose or only win if he or she bet on that result.

Each type of bet will have a different payout rate, depending on the difficulty of the bet. Harder bets often come with higher rewards.

How to play Sic Bo online100% win

How to play Sic Bo online: The ultimate secret to winning

The Sic Bo game does not require too much complexity, but it is not easy to win. Therefore, players need to clearly understand theseHow to play Sic Bo online from experts to always gain an advantage:
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Catch a bridge

In this strategy, players only focus on a single option, such as betting on over or under continuously over many bets. This increases your chances of winning up to 50%. No longer dependent on random luck like blind betting, this strategy helps players stay away from uncertainty and bad luck.

Hit quickly

OneHow to play Sic Bo online with the highest winning rate is the strategy of increasing the bet in the form of doubling. First, the player places a small bet on the first game. Next, in the following games, they gradually increase the bet amount. For example, if they bet 10,000 VND in the first game, they will bet 20,000 VND in the next game, 40,000 VND in the third game, and so on. This strategy gives players the opportunity to win a significant amount of money when they win.

Play according to the previous board

Winning is based on previous bet prediction

An effective method of playing online Sic Bo is to use data from previous games to predict the results of future games. However, to apply this strategy, players need to participate in at least 4 to 5 games or more. Just playing 1 or 2 games is not enough to build a pattern of rules and predict the results accurately.

Break the bridge

OneHow to play Sic Bo online Popularly known as “broken bridge” is one of the strategies that helps players increase their chances of winning. In this strategy, players bet based on a series of 2 consecutive under games, followed by 2 consecutive over games. For example, if a player participates in 6 games, they will bet over-over on the first 2 games, then under-under on the third and fourth games. Next, they will return to betting over and over in the fifth and sixth games.


TheHow to play Sic Bo online always win as introduced can be applied in a way that suits each player. Congratulations and hope that you will be successful when testing these strategies in betting!

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