Experience How to Play Sam Loc with Super Easy Steps

How to play Sam Loc Nhà cái Jun88 always receives a lot of attention from gamers. Understanding that, in today’s article we will synthesize knowledge to share with you the most details about this game. Therefore, read the following content immediately to understand how to play the game.

Introducing the overview of Jun88 cyclone

Sam cyclone is a name that appeared a long time ago in the traditional game store. However, nowadays the demands of players are getting higher and higher, which has motivated game publishers to constantly try to bring online play.

This is a way to play Sam Loc that can reach many players and brings convenience. You just need to use a connected device and then visit the house’s homepage to place your bet and you’re done.

Overview of Jun88 ginseng

This game is developed based on the game Tien Len Southern. That’s why they will also use the standard 52-card deck of cards. However, to be more stimulating and attractive, they have been modified with many different versions.

Jun88 Sam Loc is highly rated and many people think that this game at the house has attractive reward rates. In addition, the house regularly updates countless promotions for bettors, ensuring you will have a good experience here.

What are the rules of Sam Loc for new players?

For those new to betting, it is impossible not to know the rules of the game. This is the most basic foundation for you to conquer the wins in playing Sam Loc. Therefore, please comply and apply the following standard regulations at Jun88.

Regulations on the Sam Cyclone game

  • Odd cards, also known as junk cards, are cards that cannot be arranged in pairs or suits.
  • The order of the cards will be arranged from small to large, the smallest card is 3 and the largest is 2. In addition, you need to distinguish the suit of the cards from each other: clubs, hearts, diamonds or spades.
  • A pair of cards can be a combination of any two numbers of the same value. You may not need to worry about their quality.
  • The rule of winning white stipulates that players can only perform this action when the deck has 10 cards or more, which may or may not be of the same suit.
  • During the process of receiving cards, if the bettor finds that no opponent can block them, he or she can contact the village. You will have the right to start with other players and they must take turns blocking. If you succeed, by default you will receive all the rewards and vice versa, if you fail you will have to pay the whole village (pay a fine).

Super easy instructions on how to play Jun88 Sam Loc

Based on the rules and regulations mentioned above, playing Sam Loc at Jun88 is not difficult. You can associate them with the way of playing Southern Tien Len. This means that when the first person plays a card, the next person must block the card.
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Bettors who block will use larger cards to deal with it. If the first person plays an odd card, then by default the next person must also follow, unless it is tied with a pair of pine. The odd cards you play do not need to be of the same suit as the first player.

Tip You have a great way to play Sam Loc

In playing Sam Loc, for each square you are allowed to block a card worth 2 (pig). This means that each box will block 1 card and if you also own 2 in your hand, you can block in pairs. If the next person does not block the card, they will be considered to have lost their turn and will have to wait until the next turn to move.

The player who completes the block and runs out of cards in hand the earliest will be the winner. According to the order of disposing of cards, there will be prizes for first, second, second, or third… It should be noted that, if the person who finishes last still holds card 2 in hand, it will be considered a two-way mistake and must pay a penalty. came first.

How to quickly join the Jun88 lottery

Currently, many people have joined the Jun88 lottery and left positive comments. Therefore, if you are a new player and are wondering, please quickly register for a trial experience. Below is how to play Sam Loc to help you access the bookmaker and place bets today.

Register now to join the Jun88 lottery

Step 1: Register to log in to your Jun88 account

First, find the bookmaker’s links and then visit the homepage of this playground. You can search at support websites like google, chrome. Then click on register account if you are not a member here. Conversely, you can choose to log in to access your game account.

Step 2: Proceed to select the game lobby and game title

After completing step 1, here you will see on the toolbar there are countless different game halls such as: card games, sports, fish shooting, cockfighting… Click on the card game category to continue. The dealer will immediately provide you with a list of games here, please click “Sam Loc”.

Step 3: Start betting and immediately experience how to play Sam Loc

Finally, if you have found a game, place a bet according to the system’s instructions. Having completed this, you can wait for other players to join and begin.


Above is our sharing on how to play Sam Loc in extremely detailed detail. If you are interested in this game and want to receive rewards, please visit Jun88 and join now.

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