Frequency of falling lots – Accurate and effective method of catching falling lots

Frequency of loose lottery is one of the terms that is relatively popular and familiar to longtime lottery players. However, not all players have effective methods of catching falling lotteries. That’s why the following article New88 will reveal how to catch falling lotteries effectively from experts.
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What is a brief overview of the frequency of falling lots?

Surely many experts who have participated in this form of lottery entertainment for many years are no longer unfamiliar with the definition of lottery frequency. However, some new players still do not understand what the concept of this term is?

To put it simply, this is an improved form of the results in the lottery table. The purpose is to help players synthesize the lottery numbers from the previous day, how long it takes for them to fall, when the lottery numbers are most likely to fall, and what the frequency is.

Currently, there are two forms of calculating the frequency of falling lots: standard falling lots and paired lottery numbers. If the lottery falls straight to the correct number without any mix-ups, it is a standard lottery form. In case both numbers appear the next day, it is a pair of lottery numbers.

How to calculate the frequency of falling lots?

Once you have grasped the concept of the term frequency in falling lots, you need to learn more about how to calculate it. Experts and experts commented that the frequency calculation method is relatively simple, as long as players understand it well, they can perform the steps quickly.

You will proceed to get all the last two numbers in the total prizes drawn that day. For example, the Northern lottery results have a total of 8 prizes, meaning 27 prize draws, and the Southern lottery results have 9 prizes, meaning 18 prize draws.

Players can rely on data from the lottery results table, thereby analyzing and calculating whether these numbers have a probability of falling the next day or not. Here it is possible to display the table of the frequency of lottery numbers played on the following days, bringing high efficiency.

Revealing how to view a detailed statistical table of falling lot frequency

Surely new players who are learning about this lottery method still do not understand clearly how to view the statistics table. Therefore, to help players quickly follow our steps below:
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  • Step 1: You proceed to select the province to play, then select the date you want to view, click on the specific number of days you want to view. Here the system will default to 100 days.
  • Step 2: The system will provide players with 2 options: standard lottery numbers and paired lottery numbers => You make your choice then click on “See now”.

At this time, the system will give the frequency of falling lots corresponding to each row which will include 1 prize marked by default. If the prize includes many other small prizes, the rows will be marked by letters GX-1, GX-2,… until the end of the row.

Each square will correspond to how many lottery numbers came out that day. The red color represents the number of lottery numbers that came out. Players who observe and pay attention to the pair lottery table will very rarely encounter the whole lottery. Therefore, it is possible to combine and eliminate the numbers that appeared the previous day, including mixed numbers, which will yield approximately 60 results to play.

Some things to note when looking at the frequency of lottery drops from experts

With the information we have shared above, new players must have clearly understood the method of calculating falling numbers and how to view the statistics table very quickly. To be able to bring high accuracy and efficiency rates, players also need to pay attention to some of the following factors:

  • You are a new player without much skill or experience and need to learn and improve from the experts. Then, you can draw up your own analysis strategy that brings high efficiency.
  • When reviewing and analyzing the statistical table to determine the frequency of falling lots, you need to be persistent and patient. Don’t give up halfway or you’ll lose your chance to win big.


Thus, our above content has shared the calculation methods frequency of falling lots Effectiveness from masters. Hopefully through this article, new players can better understand how to play this lottery.

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