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How to Fix the Lag Problem in PUBG mobile Updated 2022 (Gameloop 7.1).

You know what it is like to play PUBG Mobile with no lag? We are sorry that you are here. This is because you have a lag problem in Gameloop. Gameloop also offers Apex, and you can check the Apex codes here.

We discussed recently how to Install Gameloop 7.1 For Playing PUBG Mobile. You still have a Gameloop 7.1 lag problem.

You need to follow these steps to resolve the lag problem on Gameloopin 2020.

Gameloop lag issues:

  • A low system won’t meet minimum system requirements
  • Installed Oldest Version of Gameloop
  • Apps & software running in the background
  • Playing PUBG Mobile with High graphics

If your system is not up to the minimum requirements, you may experience a lag problem in PUBG Mobile. Your system must be upgraded at least twice the minimum requirements.

PUBG mobile gameloop 7.1 Minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 8 or 7
  • CPU: Dual-core processor from Intel or AMD at 1.18 GHz
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9600/9600GT, or ATI/AMD Radeon H2600/3600
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: Free 4GB
  • Internet Speed: 400 KBps.

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PUBG mobile gameloop 7.1 recommended system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit
  • CPU: Quad-core at 1.8GHz from AMD or Intel
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9600/9600GT, or ATI/AMD Radeon H2600/3600
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 8GB free storage
  • Internet Speed: 1MBps, or broadband device.

This lag problem will occur if you’re using an older Gameloop version. We have already talked about the need to update Gameloop 7.1.

Most of the time, the background apps & programs are running and you experience lag issues while playing PUBG Mobile. You can then play smoothly if you close the background apps and other software.

Most players would like to play PUBG Mobile with high graphics. If you are still experiencing a lag issue, please follow the steps below.

Internal Gameloop Settings

After installing Gameloop 7.1 you will need to adjust some settings. Follow these steps:

  • Enter the settings.
  • Click ” engine setting”
  • Set of ” OpenGL+ “
  • Set of memory and processor at the auto option (or full).
  • Fixed resolution for your PC resolution
  • Set the DPI to 240
  • Gaming Resolution (SD 1080P)
  • Display Quality ( Smooth).

You have now successfully changed internal Gameloop settings. You can also set DPI to 240+. You can also set the gaming resolution SD 1080P. If you experience lag, then you can adjust it to 720p. If you have a high-quality graphic card, you can set DirectX+. Otherwise, OpenGL is your best choice.

PUBG mobile Internal settings

Follow the steps below:

  • Go into settings
  • Graphic settings
  • Graphically Balanced
  • Frame rates can be extremely high.

You can set 90fps if you have high graphics or a high resolution monitor. PUBG Mobile will experience a lot of lag if you set the low system to 90fps. We recommend that you set ” balanced and Extreme”.

Settings for PUBG Mobile

For smooth gameplay of PUBG Mobile, you will need to adjust your internal PC settings. To achieve the best battery performance, you must first set it to maximum performance. You can go into the battery settings and select ” ultimate Performance”.

To turn off all Windows updates, you can use the search bar to the left of Conner and search for ” Service”. Turn off auto-starting Windows Updates by finding the Windows Updates.

After setting visual effects you can increase PUBG mobile’s fps by almost 10 FPS. Click on > Click ” Advanced System Settings” > Click ” Performance” > Choose ” Optimize for the best performance”.

A useful software to increase FPS in PUBG Mobile

The software below can help you increase the fps of PUBG Mobile.

  • QucikCPU
  • ParkControl
  • Mz Game Accelerator.

Install QuickCPU, fix it, and then open it. Set the CPU to maximum performance. Set the battery performance to maximum.

ParkControl software is required to increase your CPU performance. You can download it by clicking the link below.
You will need to configure ParkControl settings. Open ParkControl > Get ultimate and performance > Park AC > Park DC (disable), > Freq Scaling AC (disable), > Freq Scaling DC (disable).

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Next, you will need to install “Mz Game Accelerator”. Open the program and click “Switch To Game Accelerator Mode”. Wait for 5-10 seconds and then you will be able to play the PUBG mobile emulator. PUBG mobile games will not lag.


We hope that your lagging issue in PUBG Mobile is resolved permanently after these settings. This worked for me. I now play the PUBG Mobile game with no lag on Gameloop 7.1 . For a higher fps, you shouldn’t install any additional apps or software. Your PUBG Mobile account is likely to be permanently banned. Protect your PUBG Mobile account from hackers. Thank you for reading

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