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Illuminating Ingenuity: Unveiling Ikinor’s Interactive Odyssey

Ikinor is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the world of interactive technology. As a distinguished creator of cutting-edge interactive flat panels, Ikinor has earned a reputation for pushing boundaries and transforming the way we engage with information.

Unveiling Interactive Flat Panels: Beyond Boundaries

At the heart of Ikinor’s offerings are its remarkable interactive flat panels. Ranging from 65 inches to an impressive 110 inches, these panels redefine the concept of collaboration and presentation. Equipped with state-of-the-art touch screen technologies, including Infrared touch and capacitive P-cap touch technology, Ikinor’s interactive flat panels open doors to seamless interactions, making every presentation, discussion, or lesson a truly engaging experience.

Enhance Meetings and Lessons with Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display

Streamline Collaboration: Discover how Ikinor’s interactive flat panel allows multiple users to annotate simultaneously, fostering effective collaboration in meeting rooms and classrooms.

Powerful Android 11 Technology: Explore the benefits of Ikinor’s IFPD with high-performance RAM and expandable storage options, ensuring smooth operation and ample capacity for education and business needs.

Immersive Visual Experience: Learn about the zero bonding technology that provides high-quality videos and stunning visuals, creating a more engaging and immersive viewing experience.


In the ever-evolving landscape of education and business, Ikinor’s interactive flat panels and smart blackboards shine as beacons of innovation. These technologies bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, creating immersive experiences that foster collaboration and engagement. When you choose Ikinor, you’re not just choosing products; you’re choosing a partner in the journey of transformation and growth.

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