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Important Tips for New Users

You can be an average user one night and a popular influencer the next night. One viral tweet can get you hundreds of followers. Mind-blowing, right? Yes, Twitter growth can change your life.

Twitter growth isn’t always a sudden flurry of activity. You’ll find lasting success if you are strategic in how you use Twitter. You might find it takes less time than just randomly tweeting to become an overnight celebrity!

We’ve collected the top 5 most important Twitter tips for beginners in this article. These tips will help you build a large following quickly. These tips can be used by people who already use Twitter.

Tweet often to get maximum reach.

Twitter will push all old tweets down, and only show the most recent ones at the top. If you want to get the most out of each tweet, make sure you post them when you target audience is most active. By doing this, you will get more people to read your tweets before they go down the feed and become useless.

You may not be the best person to help you as a beginner. Insufficient engagement means that insight tools are not available to you. Start tweeting and experiment to discover the answer!

Trending Topics.

Trending topics can help you gain visibility and exposure. These topics are popular because they are most engaging and interacted with by users. These topics are popular enough to get people to follow you on Twitter.

Use hashtags in your tweets, but be careful. Twitter allows only 280 characters. You should not mention the hashtag in isolation. Instead, include it in your tweet text.

Add Videos & Images.

Every day, attention spans are decreasing. Twitter will not allow users to exceed their 280 characters limit. People who start writing large amounts of text will not be able to understand or care about the message.

If you want to get people to engage with your tweets and make them stop and look at your images, then use images and videos more often. One study found that tweets with images receive 34% more retweets per share than those with text. Surprisingly, a single video received 6x more retweets that photos!

Analytics can be used to create effective strategies.

It is a recipe for disaster to do something on Twitter because you feel like it or because someone else did it. This is a recipe for failure.

Twitter provides detailed analytics to all users. This section gives you information about engagement rates, likes and retweets as well as follower demographics. This data can be used to determine what is most effective for your audience.

If you see a lot of engagement with tweets that include GIFs, this means you should use more GIFs. Similar to the above, add links if they help direct traffic to your blog.

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Let your personality shine!

Don’t lose your brand voice and style. Twitter is still a social platform. People use Twitter to have fun and be interactive.

Instead of sounding formal or too formal, give your tweets a personal touch. Use humor, conversation, and sarcasm to make your tweets more personal. Engage with your followers and use memes to build a loving community.

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