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Leading the Way In Portable Energy Storage : myACT

myACT is a leading provider of OEM/ODM services for portable energy storage solutions. With a strong focus on production automation, management IT, and personnel specialization, myACT offers advanced technology and comprehensive support to meet the specific requirements of its clients in the portable energy storage industry.

Production Automation

One of the key strengths of myACT lies in its commitment to production automation. The company is equipped with a state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) laboratory, featuring advanced equipment such as X-Ray, slicing experiments, grinding machines, needle planting machines, labeling machines, automatic grinding machines, 3D microscopes, and intelligent first article tests. These cutting-edge technologies enable myACT to develop and manufacture portable energy storage solutions with exceptional precision and efficiency.

Accurate Tracking of the Production Process

To ensure streamlined operations and efficient processes, myACT has implemented a self-developed full-process traceability system. This system enables accurate traceability of the entire production process, including the involvement of people, machines, materials, and production stages. With this traceability system, myACT can effectively track and monitor each step of the manufacturing process, ensuring transparency, quality control, and compliance with industry standards.

High-quality Staff

myACT recognizes the importance of personnel specialization in delivering high-quality OEM/ODM services. The company has established a training center and formulated comprehensive training plans for its employees. Additionally, myACT hires experienced teachers to provide training on ISO system knowledge, lean practices, amoeba principles, and production management knowledge.


In conclusion, myACT’s technology for portable energy storage OEM/ODM services stands out due to its focus on production automation, management IT, and personnel specialization. By partnering with myACT, clients in the portable energy storage industry can expect customized solutions that meet their specific requirements while benefiting from streamlined operations, advanced technology implementations, and a highly skilled workforce.

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