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Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible: Illuminating Versatility and Unmatched Quality

Ledia Lighting is thrilled to introduce its remarkable LED Neon Tube Flexible, a slim and flexible lighting solution that will revolutionize any space with its captivating glow. These slim LED strip lights, part of the whole silicone neon series, combine exceptional performance with a sleek and soft light body.

Unparalleled Lighting Experience

Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible offers an unmatched lighting experience that will leave a lasting impression. With its 12*12mm solid extrusion design, this lighting solution eliminates any dark dots, delivering a continuous and flawless lighting effect. The unique 3-sided wide lighting structure creates a stunning visual impact, enhancing the ambiance of any environment.

Flexibility and Freedom

This innovative lighting solution is not only visually striking but also highly flexible and bendable. Distributors and agents can cut and join the LED Neon Tube Flexible freely, allowing for seamless customization to fit any lighting project. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor border lighting, architectural outlines, cove lighting, facades, signage, or guide lighting, this flexible tube is the perfect choice.

Uncompromising Quality

Ledia Lighting is dedicated to providing products of the highest quality, and the LED Neon Tube Flexible is no exception. Crafted with pure silicone extrusion and benefiting from automated production processes, this lighting solution ensures reliability and longevity. Distributors and agents can offer their you  peace of mind with the impressive 5-year warranty that accompanies this outstanding product.

Versatile Color Options

Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible comes in a range of vibrant colors, including Red, Blue, Green, and White. These options allow distributors and agents to cater to diverse    preferences, ensuring the perfect match for any lighting project.


Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible is a game-changer in the realm of lighting solutions. With its unmatched lighting experience, flexibility, and superior quality, it is an excellent choice for distributors and agents. The versatility of applications, durability, and energy efficiency make it a standout product in the market.

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