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Metalized Polyester Capacitor – Use for A Variety of Applications

DIN Electronics is a manufacturer of metalized that are designed for many different applications. This capacitor is thin, flexible, and durable. The DIN Electronics metalized polyester film capacitor can be used in a variety of electronic applications from circuit boards to automobiles and communications.

What is a Metalized Polyester Film Capacitor?

Metallized polyester film capacitor is a type of capacitor made from a polyester material that has been treated with a metal coating. This treatment makes the capacitor more resistant to electrochemical degradation, which can lead to decreased capacitance and increased leakage. Metalized polyester capacitors are commonly used in electronic devices because they offer increased reliability and longer lifespan over traditional polymer capacitors.

Applications of the Metalized Polyester Capacitor


Capacitors manufactured by DIN provide a solid foundation for the normal, stable, and effective operation of communication equipment.

In EMI and RC voltage reduction, our capacitors offer high frequency and high dependability; To deliver energy to the resonant circuit, our capacitors have the advantages of high frequency, low heat, low ESR, high capacity, and high stability; Our capacitors provide accurate signal transmission for signal coupling circuits with the advantage of low capacitance variation.


DIN provides professional capacitor solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our capacitors provide DC-Link Filtering in EV and HEV motor controllers due to their small size and high energy density.


DIN Electronics offers some of the most competitive pricing on capacitors in the market. Din Electronics is worth considering if you are looking for a quality product at an affordable price. With a wide variety of products to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect capacitor for your needs.

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