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Quiet and Efficient Heat Pump Indoor Units by Shenling

Shenling’s heat pump indoor units are designed to reduce noise and use less energy, resulting in outstanding performance and a calm and comfortable inside atmosphere. With Shenling’s outstanding indoor units, you can enjoy the advantages of great engineering and state-of-the-art technology.

Low-Noise Axial Aluminum Alloy Fan

Shenling‘s heat pump indoor units feature an axial aluminum alloy fan specifically designed for low noise operation. Crafted from aluminum alloy, the integrated axial flow fan generates a large air volume while operating quietly. The aerodynamic design and specially designed blades with toothed edges effectively control air turbulence, reducing cyclone effects and minimizing wind noise. Enjoy a quiet and serene indoor environment with Shenling’s heat pump indoor units.

Superior Water-Side Heat Exchanger

Shenling’s heat pump indoor units incorporate a water-side heat exchanger with superior efficiency. The heat exchanger features a vacuum brazed plate structure made of stainless steel. Its double system cross diagonal flow design ensures sufficient and highly efficient heat exchange. Experience optimal heating and cooling performance while maximizing energy efficiency with Shenling’s high-quality water-side heat exchanger.


Shenling’s heat pump indoor units offer quiet and efficient solutions for heating and cooling requirements. With a low-noise axial aluminum alloy fan and a superior water-side heat exchanger, these indoor units provide exceptional performance and energy efficiency. Upgrade your HVAC system with Shenling’s heat pump indoor units and enjoy a peaceful and comfortable indoor environment while optimizing energy savings.

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