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Reasons to Believe in Megarevo’s Inverter

Are you a dealer or just a normal consumer who are going to choose an enegry storage inverter to make sure your use of power under the emergencies? Please read this article! We are going to tell you one of the leading and experienced energy storage inverter manufacurers in the market– Megarevo!

Megarevo: A Short History

The foundation of Megarevo was laid in July of 2018, and its current headquarters is located in Shenzhen’s Guangming District. Technical specialists at the cutting edge of their professions and seasoned professionals with deep expertise in power electronics form the backbone of our team. Each member of our team has more than 15 years of expertise in technological research and manufacturing. Megarevo is primarily concerned with the design, production, and distribution of various inverter systems for energy storage. The fact that we deliver more than two gigawatts of power and have worked with over two hundred well-known companies in dozens of countries has earned us a solid name in the business world.

Benefits of Choosing Megarevo

In the market, there are many energy inverter brands you can select. Megarevo as one of the leading and experienced suppliers, there are many benefits that can win over other competitors below:

  1. Megarevo offers an instant Reaction. Internet access is provided 3.7 times a day, and is always on. By establishing a worldwide network of support personnel, Megarevo is able to provide around-the-clock remote technical help.
  2. In addition to producing goods that live up to our clients’ expectations, Megarevo also provides OEM services and solutions that may be tailored to match the specific needs of their organization.
  3. Megarevo has completed approval and gained certificates from relevant authorities. The exported products conforming to international standards have been examined and approved by experts throughout the world. The certification of similar goods to those exported may be aided by these items for certain consumers.
  4. Megarevo has a group of well-acknowledged people who operate in the field professionally. For the last four years running, we have been recognized as China’s top provider of energy storage inverters.

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