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Science Fiction Movies to Watch if You Have a Shorter Attention Span

The best part about Sci-Fi movies is that they are packed with action and take you into a completely different world of amazing visuals and fantasy. Another good thing about these movies is that they mostly end within 1.5 hours which is great if you have a short attention span.

Science fiction is a very popular genre among millennials and Gen Z, they love watching futuristic, fun, and action-packed movies that boost their imagination. So, if you have a short attention span and can’t watch long 2-3 hour movies, we have just the right movie suggestions for you. These movies are short, fun, and have amazing storylines, and they have a lot to convey in very little time.

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Here are some of the sci-fi movies that you will love if you have a short attention span.

Silent Running

Silent Running is a sci-fi drama movie with the story starting with the end of all botanic life on Earth. When that happens, an ecologist Free Lowell maintains a greenhouse on a space station to facilitate future generations with various plants. Along with his mechanical team of three robots and a team of humans, he manages the greenhouse.

He is soon ordered to destroy the greenhouse in favor of carrying cargo, which puts him and his team at odds with everyone else. They are determined to go all out of the way to preserve the greenhouse. The entire action in the movie is 90 minutes long and it is set to keep you entertained until the end.


Chronicle is a sci-fi thriller that discusses the life of Andrew who is an introverted socially awkward teen who escapes reality and expresses himself through a video camera. However, when Andrew’s popular classmate Steve and cousin Matt discover a mysterious substance with amazing powers, their lives change.

As they become more powerful, they first enjoy it, but their lives soon spin out of control when their dark sides start to emerge. All the unfolding events are captured through Andrew’s camera. The thriller is set to keep you hooked to the screen for all of its 84 minutes.


Primer is another science fiction thriller that discusses two smart engineers, Aaron and Abe. With the help of their two other friends, Aaron and Abe build and sell error-checking technology. However, when the two accidentally invent the unique time machine, it goes a little differently and Abe builds something capable of transporting a human.

They put the device to test, and while they celebrate their creation, they start to discover the dark consequences of their invention. The interesting events in the movie are great enough to keep your attention intact until the end.


Westworld is a science fiction western movie that is set in a fictional Wild West where paying guests can disguise themselves as gunslingers in a world populated by androids. The movie discusses Westworld, which is a futuristic theme park. After paying a heavy entry fee, Blane and Martin are all set to shoot their guns and hit the saloons.

However, when the system goes wild and Blane is killed in a duel with a robotic gunslinger, Martin’s fantasy just gets real. Westworld is interesting not only for being science fiction but also because of its amazing setting in the Wild West. The movie is action-packed and will not bore you at all.

Final Thoughts

These movies are amazing science fiction movies that are not too long, and even if you are someone with a short attention span, the action, visuals, imagination, and story are set to transport you to a fantasy world, which you will only come out of after the movie ends.  So, watch these movies to find yourself glued to the screen until the end.

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