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Streamline Data Access with iSolarCloud’s Web Portal and Mobile App

Sungrow‘s iSolarCloud is a cutting-edge monitoring system created to maximize the operation and maintenance (O&M) of PV and Energy Storage plants. Featuring its intuitive and adaptable functionalities, iSolarCloud provides centralized plant management, real-time fault analysis, and rapid troubleshooting. In this article, we will delve into the significant features and advantages of iSolarCloud, highlighting its capacity to optimize plant management efficiency through seamless data access via its web portal and mobile app.

Convenient Monitoring and Management through Web Portal

iSolarCloud’s web portal provides a user-friendly interface for convenient monitoring and management of PV and Energy Storage plants. Plant operators can access real-time performance data, view alerts, and generate reports all from a single platform. This centralized approach simplifies data analysis and facilitates proactive decision-making to optimize plant performance.

Data Accessibility for Proactive Decision-Making

iSolarCloud’s web portal and mobile app enable flexible data access, empowering plant operators to make proactive decisions. By having real-time access to performance data, operators can identify potential issues, assess plant health, and implement preventive measures. This proactive approach helps minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize overall plant efficiency.


Sungrow’s monitory system for O&M of PV & Energy Storage plants, iSolarCloud, revolutionizes the O&M of PV and Energy Storage plants with its advanced features. The web portal and mobile app provide convenient and flexible data access, allowing plant operators to monitor and manage their assets efficiently. With real-time performance data, instant alerts, and comprehensive reporting, iSolarCloud empowers proactive decision-making and enhances plant performance. Streamline your data access and take control of your PV system with iSolarCloud’s web portal and mobile app. Unlock the full potential of your plant and achieve efficient O&M by leveraging Sungrow’s iSolarCloud today.

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