SUPERFIRE: Hunting Flashlight Offers Powerful Light For Prey-Hunting

When you’re out in the wild and trying to find prey, sometimes it’s hard in the dark woods or during the night. SUPERFIRE provides the product hunting flashlight with superior technology used in this flashlight is perfect for the outdoorsman.

Benefits of using a flashlight for hunting

  1. The hunting flashlight can be used in low temperature environments, and has the function of being dustproof and waterproof.
  2. The hunting flashlight uses a type-c interface that can improve charging efficiency and prolong battery life.

Precautions for using a flashlight

  1. The product will get hot in the strong light mode which is normal.
  2. Do not illuminate the eyes directly with the flashlight to avoid eye irritation caused by strong light.
  3. Do not disassemble the lamps at will to prevent product damage please charge when using them for the first time on not using them for a long time.
  4. please install the battery in the torch incorrect direction to avoid any damage to the flashlight. Please keep the flashlight far away from fire or corrosive solution.
  5. please keep the battery skin intact during use. Damaged battery skin may cause a short circuit.

Where to buy the SUPERFIRE?

  1. For bulk purchases or customized products, please contact online customer service, or leave a message.
  2. You can also send an email to [email protected].

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