The Best Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes to Assemble in 2022

Thanksgiving is an American classic holiday. Every family has its own favorite recipes for Thanksgiving, from turkey to mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Think outside the box when it comes to your Thanksgiving dinner this year. These are the best non-traditional Thanksgiving meal ideas for 2021.

Avoid the Turkey

You don’t have to cook the same main dish every year if you are tired of it. This rosemary salmon with orange zest takes only 15 minutes to prepare and is full of flavor. A honey-glazed ham, which is similar to turkey, can be a crowd pleaser and brings holiday cheer to any dinner. This recipe uses apples to add a fall-inspired flavor to roast pork loin.

Go plant-based

No one says eating healthy should be boring. You don’t have to cook for vegetarians, vegans, or gluten-free guests. A plant-based Thanksgiving dinner can still be delicious. Begin with a butternut hummus appetizer with feta cheese and pomegranates. Serve a main dish of sweet potato shepherd’s and lentils, as well as a gluten-free and vegan green beans casserole with Fresh Squeeze Garlic. Serve a mushroom gravy alongside a dairy-free classic version of mashed potatoes. Don’t forget dessert! This vegan pumpkin pie is richer and creamier that the traditional pumpkin pie.

Brunch is the Focus

Instead of spending your day in the kitchen cooking, spend time with family and friends. It’s a great way of refocusing your attention on family and friends, making brunch the main meal of Thanksgiving. You can make a fall-themed brunch by making pumpkin waffles or praline glazed apple loaf. You can balance these sweet treats with more traditional breakfast foods like bacon, sausage, or fruit. Enjoy it all with a cinnamon-sage Thanksgiving mimosa.

Set Out a Grazing Board

A grazing board is a way to make Thanksgiving more casual and light. A grazing board is similar to a charcuterie platter. It allows guests and you to eat at your own pace throughout your day. A grazing board usually includes a mixture of meat, cheese and fruit. You and your guests will be able to mix and match food with many sweet and salty tastes. Your Thanksgiving grazing board can be decorated with sliced roasted turkey, dried cherries, dried pomegranates and cranberry sauce.

Make Homemade Pizzas

Although homemade pizzas might not be the traditional Thanksgiving meal, they can be the one that brings people together. Making homemade pizzas is a great activity for everyone. You can customize your pizzas according to your own taste and creativity. This is an opportunity to involve younger children, who can help create their pizzas. This homemade pizza guide will give you plenty of ideas. Or, try your hand at making a Thanksgiving pizza with roasted turkey and feta.

Take it easy

Spending hours making a Thanksgiving meal can be a tedious task. Focusing on the most important things may give you the Thanksgiving refreshment that you need. You don’t have to prepare every course from scratch. Instead, you can buy frozen appetizers or salad kits from Trader Joe’s. Who has ever turned down Trader Joe’s mac-and-cheese bites? For a more relaxed day, you can also make your own drinks and side dishes. You may find restaurants in your neighborhood that offer grab-and-go meals on Thanksgiving Day to complement your relaxed holiday meal.

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