The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Play Chan Van Van 2024

Defend ten thousand words is a form of card playing that is very popular with Vietnamese people. This game is actually not difficult to play. To better understand how to play, please read the information below with  New88!

What is ten thousand literature?

Defend ten thousand words  is a card game that has been greatly improved from the tom nest game, so the gameplay of this game is somewhat easier and simpler than other exchange card games. Referring to this card game, people will think of 3 traditional ways of playing: squash four, squash tam and squash five.

Normally, playing squash will be more popular with many people. Most of these card games at bookmakers will be developed based on this mysterious way of playing.

Instructions for playing Chan Van Van for newbies

In spite of ten thousand words The gameplay is quite simple, but for new players, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. We will leave some instructions on how to play below to help you better understand the rules of the game as well as how to calculate basic penalties in blocking.

The specified number of participants in the card game

Fight There are certainly thousands of texts two forms of play, based on the number of participants in the first game to decide the form of play. If the number of card players includes 4 people, the secret card type will be used. Each player will be dealt 19 remaining cards which will be placed in the middle and called the pile.

How to deal cards to prevent thousands of texts

The cards will be divided into 5 parts. After dividing, there will be 5 cards left. The player takes these 5 odd cards and combines them with any part of the card to form Venom. Next, 1 card in the Venom pile will be randomly drawn by the players.

One player will draw cards to decide who will play first. Specifically, there are four players corresponding to positions 1, 2, 3 and 4, making sure player number 2 and player number 4 sit diagonally from each other. The right side of the card will be dealt to player number 1, the next part will be given to player number 2, and the last part will be dealt to player number 3.

Similar to other forms of card playing, stacking cards inside  ten thousand words must be composed of card types including: Sure, three-headed, scratch, lame. In particular, two identical cards are called shields, 3 other cards of the same suit are called top three, 2 other cards of the same suit are called jacks, and odd cards that cannot be combined are called trash.

How to play cards in detail

Multiplayer ten thousand words indicates that during play, players can play in the following ways:

  • Lead door: is the door calculated from left to right, this is the door for players who have priority to eat.
  • Pick Noc: The act of picking up a card from the Pile placed in the middle, flipping the card face up into the lead.
  • Eat: The act of combining the two lower and upper cards to form Ca or Chan.
  • Chiu: how to play the card under the mat if there are 3 identical cards, while there is also a similar card under the mat.
  • Buzz: When all of the player’s cards including the hit cards combine with a card drawn from the Venom to form 10 Jack or Block suits. Especially, you must ensure there are at least 6 Shields.

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Errors must be compensated for in defending Van Van

Any card game has its own rules and regulations. ten thousand words Is no exception. Here are some mistakes that must be compensated for when participating in betting on this prize-winning card game:

  • The player blocks again after giving up blocking.
  • The player takes the bet after giving up the bet
  • The player draws 1 card to take the card when he previously gave up taking the card.
  • The player plays the block while having previously missed the shot.
  • The player takes another bet while he has already made a bet.
  • Using a torn card to bet when the player has previously used that card to bet.
  • The player takes the same card that was previously used to play.
  • The player blocks while previously blocking
  • The player plays another card while previously taking that card.
  • The player continues to block the same row while previously making a block.
  • The player has bet before but continues to bet.
  • The player continues to play the card in the same row while having previously captured the card.

Errors are penalized to the player in blocking cards

Players need to pay attention to a few errors while playing ten thousand wordsas follows:

  • The first error: The error of stealing a picture is the action of the player cheating while winning the Chan wall.
  • The second error is the player’s action of winning often while winning Chiu.
  • Error 3: The error of choosing a card means the player draws a card from the available card row to take the action of taking a card.
  • Error 4: The error of playing Card thanks to a waiting card is the act of drawing a card to wait for ù to perform the action of taking Card.
  • Error No. 5: The error of taking a card with a shield is the act of pulling out an available shield to perform the action of taking a card.

Article on bookmaker New88 https://new889.blue/ shared full details about the card game ten thousand words. With the desire to help players gain more knowledge about this prize exchange card game. Hope you will quickly adapt to the gameplay of this game and win huge profits!

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