These are the tech accessories you need for your luxury hotel

It is not easy to own a luxury hotel. You can lose your business to many big problems. Over the last few years, many resort owners have been left in poverty by the pandemic. This is a difficult pivot as it is hard to see how your establishment can make money without luxury travel. You need to have a plan for dealing with natural disasters if you are going to survive. You may be surprised at how many luxury resorts are located near volcanoes or areas that have been hit by devastating storms in the past. Strong investments can save you in these situations, as they will pay you back when your customers aren’t.

You need to know more than just the important things. It is important to have the right accessories to attract the clientele that you want. To attract a lot of golfers to your resort, you don’t necessarily have to be a resort. Every hotel in such areas needs a golf bag storage shelf for guests who will be playing on the greens. This accessory is essential. Even though not everyone will be able to golf, each guest will need a variety of personal tech. These are the accessories that you will need:

Photo Services

Luxury travelers will have luxury cameras in addition to their expensive smartphones. All of these travelers will gladly pay for photo printing services. You don’t need to charge a lot. Because you’re not selling photos but memories, you can charge a lot. People will pay a lot to preserve their memories.

Print shops still exist, and it is hard to believe. Everyone is printing everything, from business cards to calendars. The pharmacy photo printing service is still very popular. People will accept the offer to print their photos online if you provide them with a method. You can give them an SD card so they can take home a commemorative calendar and a coffee mug and a t-shirt. You don’t want your guests to ask where the closest place to get photos printed. You want them to visit one of your highly profitable gift shops.

Ubiquitous Charging

Your guests will not need anything more than an endless supply of delicious food and drink. They also need constant charging for their devices. Every guest room should have enough wall sockets. It is important to have sockets that are easy to access. It is not a good idea to have to move furniture around to reach a socket. People in wheelchairs also have difficulty reaching sockets close to the floor.

You don’t have to stop there. Every table in your restaurant should have a wireless charging stick because everyone will be tweeting or eating. High-resolution food photos can be costly in terms of battery life. The chargers placed at the tables will be used a lot and appreciated by guests. The charging stations must be extended into the lobby. Some guests may arrive earlier than others and will need to wait until their room is ready. Others will need to wait for a ride to the airport. It is not a good idea to try and find wall sockets in an airport. While they wait for their Uber, make sure they have somewhere to top up.

Work surfaces

It doesn’t really matter if you are on a family vacation. Someone will eventually need to use a computer and do some work. If your guests need to do some work but can’t find somewhere to put their laptop, it will be a problem. A desktop is the most important accessory for a laptop. A table or desk will be provided in the room. Your guest won’t want to spend their time in the room. Your public spaces should have more than just lounge chairs. For those who cannot avoid work, leave a few work surfaces.

You will need a safe place to store your golf bags. Your luxury hotel should also have a place for processing photos, charging all of the items, and some work surfaces. These accessories complete luxury travel.

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