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Top 5 In-demand Professions on Instagram for Students

What is Instagram and how much do they make? It is now one of the best platforms to make money. Statisticians show that there are always new jobs and that there is a constant process of renewal.

What are the benefits of working in a social networking site? You decide what type of activity you are most interested in and with whom you will be working. You also control your work hours and the prices you charge for services. These professions are great for students because they allow you to work while studying. Even if it is difficult to combine them, the write essays service can help. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 careers that are in high demand on Instagram and how to master them and make a decent income.

Students: Top 5 In-demand Professions

1. Storymaker

In the past, all that was required to tell stories was to take photos of your breakfast and the view out the window. Stories are now an art form and get a lot more attention. They help to sell, share daily life, and communicate directly with subscribers. While many Instagram users confess that they don’t read as many posts, they still enjoy short, interesting videos. The profession of storymaker is now more in demand than ever before. They are the ones who make announcements and warm ups. You think all of this is done on a knee? No! Often scripts and lines are prepared several days ahead of time. This is who does it? The Story Maker.

What are the possible responsibilities of this job?

Ideas for stories.

Analyzing other bloggers’ stories or business projects

Create games for a particular business

Create cartoons, posts with infographics and characters

Editing existing videos

Writing scripts to promote sales and progressions

Video editor, marketer or inspirational thought leader are all possible careers. These professionals are highly sought after and make good money.

What are you looking for? You will need a telephone and programs for creating posts. Canva and Pinterest are popular programs.

2. Designer

Consider the blogs you subscribe to. What number of checklists, trackers and guides do they create? For all this work, designers are required.

What duties can you include?

Corporate identity for bloggers

Designing checklists, trackers and presentations, covers for Get course, Stories and certificates.

Development of unique design elements

What are you looking for? While many designers work from their phones, it is best to have a computer. Figma and Photoshop CC are the most used programs for designing.

3. Advertising Manager

An advertising manager is someone who purchases advertising from bloggers and keeps statistics. He also accepts advertising requests from the blogger he works with, approves them, and keeps track of ad arrivals. It is difficult to choose an advertising platform. Many bloggers don’t have the time. They hire managers to review the purchase and check the reviews.

What are the duties?

Advertising with bloggers

Submitting bids, monitoring traffic and doing analytics

Answering the PR account and coordinating ads.

What are you looking for? It is possible to work on both the phone and the computer. Excel is a better tool to use for statistics.

4. Technical Specialist

Bloggers can’t live without him! Websites, newsletters, and chatbots would cease to exist without him. Technical specialists create the landing page, set up payment, and connect all platforms to make it easy for future apprentices. This profession is particularly relevant, especially considering the number of bloggers who are completing their courses.

What are the duties?

Setting up payments and creating landing pages

Newsletter creation

Establishing webinar rooms

Work with the Getcourse platform


Simple sites can be developed

What are you looking for? You will need a computer. Creation is used to build sites. Ability to use the required programs and knowledge about the technical characteristics of each platform. Ability to quickly respond in an emergency, such as if a blogger “flew” during a webinar.

5. Creator of advertising pitches

As an example, a manager of advertising for bloggers was mentioned. He (the manager) and the person who creates advertising pitches often collaborate because effective advertising is not possible with boring talking points or uninteresting layouts.

What are the duties?

These can be used for advertising purposes, including testing and selection of the most effective and appropriate.

What’s needed? Both the phone and the computer can be used for work. Use Pages or Word.

They’re young and they’re successful! You might like to try that! You can choose one of these activities to get started. It is both interesting and very profitable.

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