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Unraveling Extrusion Defects: Boyu Extruder’s Commitment to Quality

In the intricate world of plastic extrusion, quality is paramount. Boyu Extruder recognizes that even with a stable process, extrusion defects can rear their heads. These issues often stem from three main causes: mold design, material selection, and processing. It is during the processing stage that most failures manifest. Here, we delve into some of the common extrusion defects that may challenge manufacturers.

  1. Improper System Engineering: Navigating the Maze of Challenges

Within this category lies a myriad of potential pitfalls. From employing the wrong clamp to an overly tight one, improper die setting, using incompatible fire caulk, and contact with an outside pipe made of incompatible material – all these contribute to improper system engineering. The consequence? Chatter marks and centering defects emerge in the extruded products. Boyu Extruder emphasizes the importance of precision in every operational detail to mitigate these challenges.

  1. Improper Operation: The Thin Line Between Success and Uneven Surfaces

Extrusion defects often result from improper operations, leading to uneven surface thickness. Exposure to freezing temperatures without freeze protection, over-pressurization, or pulsating water pressure can all play a role in creating defects. Boyu Extruder urges operators to adhere to meticulous operational standards, ensuring a smooth and consistent extrusion process.

  1. Resin Defects: Unraveling the Complexity

Resin defects introduce blowholes to the final product, marring its quality. The origins of these defects can be traced to poorly distributed filler, foreign contamination, and improper mixing of resin and additives. Boyu Extruder, drawing on over two decades of plastic extrusion experience, stresses the significance of precise resin handling to eliminate these defects.


Boyu Extruder stands as a beacon in the plastic extrusion machinery realm, boasting over 20 years of experience. Their commitment to addressing and overcoming extrusion defects underscores their dedication to ensuring the highest quality in plastic extrusion manufacturing. Manufacturers seeking a reliable partner to navigate the nuances of extrusion defects can trust Boyu Extruder’s expertise to deliver excellence.

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