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Unveiling Sonic Purity: KIRIN’s Mastery of Foiled Beryllium Diaphragms and Titanium Integration

In the pursuit of auditory excellence, the cornerstone of a remarkable listening experience lies in the innovative integration of cutting-edge technologies. ESD‘s KIRIN, a testament to precision and sonic mastery, takes center stage with its exceptional 1-inch foiled beryllium diaphragm by Truextent® and revolutionary titanium diaphragm technology. Let’s explore how this harmonious amalgamation redefines the essence of lossless headphones, setting a new standard for the discerning audiophile.

A Symphony of Materials: Foiled Beryllium and Titanium Unite

At the heart of KIRIN’s sonic prowess is its 1-inch foiled beryllium diaphragm. Renowned for its lightweight yet rigid properties, beryllium ensures minimal distortion and unparalleled responsiveness. This diaphragm is further elevated by the integration of titanium diaphragm technology, creating a seamless union that transcends the limitations of traditional headphone design.

Expanding Horizons: Wider Frequency Range

The fusion of foiled beryllium and titanium within KIRIN’s diaphragm architecture paves the way for a wider frequency range. This expanded spectrum ensures that every musical note, from the deepest bass to the crispest highs, is faithfully reproduced. The result is an auditory canvas that captures the intricacies of the original recording with a level of detail that defies convention.

Precision Redefined: Higher Resolution Unveiled

KIRIN’s commitment to uncompromised sound is underscored by its achievement of higher resolution. The integrated diaphragm technologies work in harmony to resolve even the most delicate sonic details, offering an audio experience that reveals layers of nuance previously hidden. Whether it’s the gentle pluck of a guitar string or the nuanced articulation of a vocalist, KIRIN ensures a level of resolution that resonates with the truest essence of the music.

Sonic Purity with Minimal Distortion: 0.02% Distortion Level

A defining feature of KIRIN is its ability to maintain a distortion level as low as 0.02%. This exceptional achievement is a testament to the meticulous engineering behind the foiled beryllium and titanium diaphragm integration. By minimizing distortion, KIRIN delivers a sonic purity that captivates the discerning audiophile, presenting music in its truest form without any unwanted coloration.


In conclusion, KIRIN’s mastery of foiled beryllium diaphragms and titanium integration is a symphony of engineering brilliance. It not only expands the horizons of the frequency range and resolution but also achieves a distortion level that sets a new standard for sonic purity. For the discerning audiophile seeking an auditory journey that transcends traditional boundaries, KIRIN stands as an emblem of uncompromised sound – an instrument that captures the soul of music with unparalleled precision.

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