What is Fragrant Odds? Introducing New88 odds

Most people who participate in soccer betting often mention “fragrant bets”. So what does this “fragrant bet” mean? How to recognize? New88 Fragrant Odds when participating sports betting say them. In this article, we will explain in detail about sweet bets as well as how to recognize them New88.com Fragrant Odds for you guys.

What is Fragrant Odds?

Odds in soccer betting are simply understood as a type of betting that brings high winning rates to bettors. This bet always has a large number of bettors participating, but this type of bet does not always appear. Usually, sweet bets only appear once a week, so please consider carefully to be able to choose the most accurately.

Instructions on how to recognize sweet bets

In a soccer betting match at New88, players often prioritize betting Fragrant odds at New88in the odds table to get a high winning rate and receive attractive bonuses. However, so that new players can recognize it fragrant oddsIt’s not easy, you need to apply the following methods:

Identify by odds

This is a method of recognition New88 Fragrant Odds Simple, applied by most players. In case the bet keeps increasing rapidly from 1/4 to 0 or up, you must choose the lower bet. When considering the correlation between the bottom and top teams, if the favorite team has bet 3/4 for a long time, the win rate is now 0.8, you have to choose another team. If the home team is rated higher with a handicap of 0.85 with 3/4 wins, the odds constantly fluctuate in 30 minutes, then you should choose the home team.

Identification based on football team and major tournament

Major tournaments will often be continuously reported by the media as well as experts. So it will be easier for you to get information than for small prizes that few people care about. Based on the information shared, you can easily analyze it to find out New88 Fragrant Odds.Often in major soccer tournaments there will be the presence of many famous soccer stars.

In major tournaments, New88 Fragrant Odds will happen when two teams have equal strength. With this recognition, you can ensure fairness when participating in betting. Your bets are also safer than bets with large differences.

Recognize the fluctuations in Asian – European betting odds

You should monitor the changes in Asian odds 30-60 minutes before the match. At this time, you can confidently and carefully place bets, because the winning rate is very high and has been shared by veteran players.

Another case showing signs of New88 Fragrant OddsThat’s when the volatility of the entire Eurasian market decreased. In this situation, the home team will usually win in the European handicap corresponding to 1 goal in the Asian handicap. But you also have to be careful with the case of increasing the lower bet because this may be a trap of the house.

Identify based on the advantages of the yard

You should not risk choosing teams with good physical strength to play away from home and the handicap is 1/2. The safe option now is to bet on the home team because the field is an advantage to help teams get better results than the away team.

New88 betting experience is simple but 100% sure to win

Newbies in the betting industry want to look New88 Fragrant OddsFor high efficiency, please refer to the following experiences:

Analyze the odds predicted by the bookmakers

You also know that New88 bookmaker always has a team of leading experts in the field of football, especially in online betting. Therefore, they will have all the secrets to predict the odds close to the final result.

However, you also need to have your own opinion because not everyone is right. We must accept that we can make mistakes at any time, but what we need is to learn lessons from others.mistakes in betting. Although the house may offer a higher rate, if you are confident with your own analysis, you should choose your option to check. New88 Fragrant Odds effective.
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Place bets at the right time

This is an extremely important factor when scanning New88 Fragrant Odds That is to ensure betting at the right time. If you bet a long time in advance, you will miss many unexpected fluctuations before the match time. Therefore, choose the time before 3 hours that many people suggest, because this is a safe time.

Balance capital resources

Many brothers, because they are too excited, often participate in many matches and lose continuously. And once you lose, you want to win even more. To limit this situation, have a cost plan for a certain period of time, don’t exceed the limit is the principle when examining New88 Fragrant Odds.


Hopefully through the above article, you will know what fragrant odds are as well as recognize them New88 Fragrant Odds when betting on football. I hope you will win high and gain more experience New88 Fragrant Odds for myself.

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