What is the 1 3/4 Handicap – Sharing Experience of Placing Highly Profitable Bets

At every betting floor, the house always offers attractive betting odds to attract players. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the 1 3/4 handicap. So what is the form of handicap and how to play? Nhà cái Hi88 Find out today.

Learn about the 1 3/4 handicap?

The name 1 3/4 is also known by other names: 1.75 handicap or 1 and a half 2 goals handicap. This bet often appears when the upper and lower teams have a clear difference in level. Strong teams will handicap the weaker team by 1 3/4 goals. With betting odds of 1.75, when placing this bet you need to be very careful to make an effective move. In each case, the bet calculation method for the 1 3/4 bet will be applied completely differently.

Advantages and disadvantages of 1 3/4 odds

Below, Hi88 will present some advantages and disadvantages of the 1 3/4 bet. Please pay attention

Advantages of betting 1 3/4

Although in this form of handicap the number of betting goals is quite high. But this is unlikely to happen in matches where the two teams play with similar performance. If the player sees an upcoming match with a 1 3/4 handicap, place a bet immediately because of the following advantages:

  • If the upper team wins by 2 goals or more, the person who placed the upper bet will still only get half the bet amount.
  • With a handicap of 1 and a half 2 goals, it will bring many chances of winning.
  • This 1.75 bet is very easy to catch accurately. Players should rely on the victory of each team and if there is a team that stands out in terms of level, the possibility of the upper team winning is entirely possible.
  • This handicap has its own charm and appeal. The way to score goals is more dramatic and attracts more football betting players.


Besides, the 1 3/4 handicap also has certain disadvantages that bettors should pay attention to below:

  • This 1 3/4 bet rarely happens but only appears when the house sees a real difference in the potential of the two teams.
  • If you want to play this bet, you must spend a lot of time to closely monitor the odds offered by the house.
  • The 1 3/4 handicap has a change in odds showing that the odds of this bet are not certain to result in a loss. Therefore, players must know how to accept many risks when losing bets.

Possible cases of 1 3/4 handicap

To help players better understand how to read the 1.75 bet, we have compiled some cases that occur when playing this type of bet:

  • If the handicap team wins with a difference of 3 goals or more, for example 3-0, 4-1, 5-2,… Then the player who chooses the upper team will receive the entire bet and the lower team will receive the bet. will lose and lose everything.
  • If the handicap team only wins from 2 basic goals, for example 4-2, 3-1, etc., the upper team will receive half of the bet amount and the lower team will lose half of that amount.
  • In case of a tie or the upper team wins by 1 goal difference or the lower team wins the bet by any score, the person betting on the upper team will lose all the bet amount and the lower team will receive all the money. place a bet.

Experience shared about placing 1 3/4 handicap from experts

If you are a newbie, of course you will be nervous when placing bets in the early days. Not only that, this is also considered a very difficult handicap to play. But don’t give up because with some of the following experiences from skilled experts, you will definitely accumulate more knowledge about it:
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Match analysis before and during each match

In each match, there will be a lot of information related to the lineup, from the players on the field, the level of the two teams playing… These are all factors that greatly affect the results, so players need to be very careful before placing bets. Especially about the two competing teams, you must spend more time researching to analyze their qualifications and abilities. From there, combine it with odds to find the most suitable match.

The vast majority of players will trust the favorite team and place a 1 3/4 handicap bet on it. However, it is not always possible for the upper team to win and the lower team to prevail. You can’t predict that, which is the interesting point of football.

Consult and listen to opinions on public forums

When it comes to the 1 3/4 handicap format, you are easily confused and uncertain about your choice. Even if you have tried many times and still do not get good results, you can refer to information on accurate betting forums. No matter how opinionated an individual player is, they should believe in what they share and their abilities.


Regardless of whether it is difficult to play or difficult to follow, you should try it once with a 1 3/4 handicap. Hi88 is confident that this will be an unbeatable betting method and will easily bring attractive bonuses to all players. And if you are looking for a reputable bookmaker address to try, quickly register as a member right on Hi88 so that this place can provide users with the highest-class services.

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