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Whole Home Health Solution: Provided by Welland

A handful of the fitness goals that were once exclusively seen in the gym have made their way into people’s homes in recent years. These include developing muscle, increasing girth, losing weight, reducing fat, and maintaining one’s current weight. The improvement in people’s pursuit of health coincides with the rise in people’s knowledge of the importance of health. Professional manufacturer Welland provides high-quality home health supplies.

When it comes to providing a complete solution of hardware and software for home health users in the Internet+ era, Welland utilizes a professional electrode body fat analyzer in conjunction with an intelligent nutrition scale that is accurate to 1g. This combination is supplemented by a small program SDK plug-in.

  1. Offer integrated solutions for design, research and development, production, and service; the goal is to achieve individualized customization and to provide home users with a satisfying experience when measuring.
  2. There is a mature small program SDK plug-in, as well as an APP side SDK plug-in (both for iOS and Android). This enables home users to link it with other smart home devices to achieve information exchange.

Weight and body fat assessment, counseling on peri-exercise program design, and food nutrition arrangement are the three components of the comprehensive health management system offered by Welland. Welland’s excellent R&D team and production technology determine the high quality of the health solutions they offer. Take advantage of such high-quality solutions that can protect your health.

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