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eSIM in Kuwait: A Deep Dive into Middle East SIM Card Options

For travellers heading to Kuwait, getting a local SIM card means taking a lot of hassles and paying excessive costs. But with eSIM technology, connecting in Kuwait is easier than ever. Let’s explore Kuwait eSIM options and the top plans available in Kuwait.

Why Choose eSIM in Kuwait?

eSIM lets you digitally activate a cellular data plan without using a physical nano-SIM card. Instead, an eSIM chip built into your phone gets configured over the air. eSIM options are still growing across the Middle East, but Kuwait does have some available providers. The country’s three major networks – Zain, Ooredoo, and STC, offer eSIM capability primarily to add a second number or data plan. But for travellers seeking temporary connectivity, flexible eSIM plans are available from alternate providers.

Top Five Kuwait eSIM Plans

These are various eSIM plans ideal for those travelling to Kuwait:

  1. MTX Connect eSIM: MTX is one of the reliable eSIM providers in Kuwait, offering a choice of eSIM data plans with various validity and data allowance options. Most preferably, you can look out for an Optimal Daily Plan, which comes with a data validity of 350 MB and can be utilised in one day. It costs around €3.49. Their other plans include 10 GB for 30 Days and 4 GB for 14 days, which costs around €60.00 and €24.95. Since MTX offers flexible plans with the option to choose the daily, weekly, or monthly plan, it is the best choice for anyone travelling to Kuwait for a short or long duration.
  2. MobiMatter eSIM Go Saudi Arabia Plus 20 GB: This is an amazing Middle East SIM card plan for anyone who wants reliable global connectivity that also works well in Kuwait. This plan offered by eSIMGo is one of the best plans to pick, as it offers 20 GB of Data with a validity of 30 Days. This plan costs around USD 59.99. The other plans by eSIM Go for Kuwait include Saudi Arabia Plus 10 GB and East Africa Plus 20 GB, which is valid for Kuwait. These plans cost around USD 35.99 and USD 75.99 and are valid for 30 days.
  3. AirHub Kuwait Data Plan for 15 Days: This is the best traveller plan by AirHub, which operates on the Ooredoo network and provides validity of 5GB Data for 15 Days. It costs around $19, which is quite affordable for anyone travelling to Kuwait. It is important to note that this is a 4 G-only network eSIM.
  4. Airhub Yearly Data Plan: Another eSIM plan with a validity of 365 Days and Unlimited Data offers you reliable connectivity options to access super-fast internet. This eSIM operates on the Zain network, one of Kuwait’s trusted carriers. This plan costs USD 229.

Buying eSIM Kuwait is one of the reliable choices to make when travelling to Kuwait as it gives you the ease of connectivity to browse the internet and stay connected with your loved ones. With reliable 4G connectivity from major carriers, it is one of the cost-effective ways to access data plans.

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