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GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300: The Future of Human Whole Genome Sequencing

Human whole genome sequencing has become increasingly important in the field of genetic research, as it allows for personalized medicine and individualized treatment plans. GeneMind‘s FASTASeq 300 is a desktop high-throughput sequencing platform that revolutionizes the process of human whole genome sequencing.

Introduction to GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300: Revolutionizing Human Whole Genome Sequencing

The FASTASeq 300 platform offers several benefits for human whole genome sequencing, including increased flexibility, ease-of-use, and rapid turnaround times. With its innovative breakthroughs in sequencing chemistry, high-density flow cell, fluid design, and base identification algorithms, GeneMind brings users more flexibility, more consistent data quality, and faster delivery of high-quality data.

Flexibility of FASTASeq 300 for Human Whole Genome Sequencing

One of the standout features of the FASTASeq 300 platform is its flexibility. This includes support for two types of flow cells and multiple read lengths, as well as the multi-time output (MTO) feature for increased efficiency. Libraries can be loaded on each flow cell lane automatically or manually, allowing for greater customization and control.

Easy-to-use Features of FASTASeq 300 for Human Whole Genome Sequencing

The FASTASeq 300 is also incredibly easy-to-use, with pre-configured, plug-and-play cartridges for convenient setup. Additionally, the platform supports RFID reader module for seamless library tracking and the direct use of prepared libraries for sequencing, eliminating additional steps and saving time.

With its rapid sequencing capabilities, the FASTASeq 300 is an ideal solution for human whole genome sequencing. mNGS (SE50) sequencing can be completed in just 4.5 hours, while targeted sequencing (PE75) can be completed in 11.5 hours, and targeted sequencing (PE150) can be completed in 19.5 hours.


In conclusion, GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300 platform is a game-changer for human whole genome sequencing. Its flexible, easy-to-use, and rapid sequencing capabilities make it a must-have for anyone involved in genetic research. With the FASTASeq 300, users can expect high-quality data and faster turnaround times, bringing personalized medicine one step closer to reality.

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