Top 5 Law School Jobs to Do

Lawyers consider the courtroom their mainstay. Few lawyers are able to stay in the courtroom and still practice law. They enjoy the spotlight and the handsome returns. These lawyers are surrounded by their classmates, who don’t ever step foot in a courtroom but continue to practice the law they have learned.

You can work in many areas that require your legal skills with a law degree. Your passion will determine the area you choose to practice. Each area offers incredible opportunities for professional growth. It is possible to make a lot of money by practicing law outside the courtroom.

These are the top five law-related jobs that you could do with a law degree.


After graduation, the most popular landing spot for lawyers is in litigation. Clients will invite you to represent them and argue their cases in front of a judge. The first step in becoming a lawyer is to argue cases before lower court magistrates. A skilled lawyer may accompany you and help you get to the higher courts quickly.

Advocates in court have a preference area of practice. There are many areas of practice that you can choose from, including criminal law, commercial disputes and human rights. Family lawyers are experts in custody and divorce issues. Brilliant legal minds are also required by international courts and tribunals. The world of litigation is a vast field for lawyers.


There are many jobs available for lawyers in the judiciary. Most common job is that of a judge or magistrate. Your job will be to resolve issues brought before you by the complainants.

Judges are usually appointed from the position as a magistrate. You can learn about how cases are decided in the lower courts. You will be able to handle the most important matters, including appeals, as you gain confidence. You move from a district court up to a state court and finally to a federal court.

Being elected to the Supreme Court is the ultimate reward for judges. The chance to be a Chief Justice is yours. It is one the most respected legal professions worldwide.

Transactions commercial

Before a business can complete transactions, it needs legal advice. Many lawyers have high-flying careers in business as legal officers. You can work in many areas, including media, insurance, media and mining. You will see your career take off as you get the best law assignment assistance.

A legal officer’s job is to review documents before they are accepted by the business or sent out to clients. A legal officer advises the business on legal matters to resolve disputes or avoid them. To provide the best legal advice for business, you need to be a specialist in that industry.

Human interest law

What about advocating for the poor? You can choose from a variety of areas, including education, environment, or consumer protection. Lawyers are supported by NGOs and the community in order to advocate for the rights of people who have been oppressed by the decisions or actions of others. To thrive in this field, you need passion and a compassionate heart.


Non-Governmental Organizations all over the globe are seeking brilliant legal minds to manage their programs. Because lawyers are familiar with the legal consequences of different actions, they receive preferential treatment. Many times, NGOs advocate for the rights of the oppressed in particular areas. A lawyer is the best person to handle such cases.

You don’t have to be a lawyer after completing a law degree. Only a small percentage of lawyers ever end up in court. Because all entities and individuals require legal advice at some point, law is one of the degrees that allows you to work anywhere.

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