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Unleash the Power of High-Powered PV Systems with Hoymiles HMS-2000DW Microinverters

Hoymiles a renowned leader in the PV industry, presents the HMS-2000DW series microinverters, the latest addition to their innovative product lineup. Designed to cater to high-powered PV modules, the Hoymiles HMS 2000 DW series boasts a maximum output power of up to 2000 VA and a maximum DC input current of 16 A. This article delves into the exceptional features and benefits of Hoymiles HMS-2000DW microinverters, highlighting their ability to handle high-powered PV modules, innovative 4-input design for faster installation and cost savings, and integrated Wi-Fi module for convenient communication with the S-Miles Cloud smart platform.

High Power Capabilities for High-Powered PV Modules:

Hoymiles HMS-2000DW microinverters are engineered specifically to harness the potential of high-powered PV modules. With an outstanding maximum output power of up to 2000 VA, these microinverters efficiently convert and transmit the generated power to the grid. Additionally, the maximum DC input current of 16 A ensures seamless compatibility with high-powered PV modules, guaranteeing optimal energy harvest and exceptional system performance. With Hoymiles HMS-2000DW microinverters, installers and system integrators can confidently deploy high-powered PV systems for commercial and industrial applications.

Innovative 4-Input Design for Faster Installation and Cost Savings:

The HMS-2000DW series stands out with its innovative 4-input design, revolutionizing the installation process and reducing costs. This ingenious design allows multiple PV modules to be connected to a single microinverter, eliminating the need for additional microinverters and associated components. As a result, installation time is significantly reduced, labor costs are minimized, and overall system efficiency is improved. By opting for Hoymiles HMS-2000DW microinverters, installers can achieve substantial time and cost savings while delivering high-performance PV systems to their customers.

Integrated Wi-Fi Module for Seamless Communication with S-Miles Cloud:

Hoymiles HMS-2000DW microinverters come equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi module, facilitating convenient communication and configuration with the S-Miles Cloud smart platform. This integration empowers real-time monitoring, remote management, and comprehensive system performance analysis. Installers and system owners can effortlessly access and control PV system data via the S-Miles Cloud platform, ensuring efficient operation and timely troubleshooting. The integrated Wi-Fi module enhances the overall user experience and simplifies system management, defining Hoymiles HMS-2000DW microinverters as a truly cutting-edge solution.


Hoymiles HMS-2000DW microinverters serve as the ultimate solution for high-powered PV systems, providing exceptional output power and seamless compatibility with high-powered PV modules. The innovative 4-input design streamlines installation, resulting in remarkable time and cost savings. Moreover, the integrated Wi-Fi module enables effortless communication and configuration with the S-Miles Cloud smart platform, allowing for comprehensive system monitoring and management. Trust in Hoymiles to deliver top-quality HMS-2000DW microinverters that maximize energy harvest and ensure long-term reliability for high-powered PV installations.

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