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Why Choose FRECON’s Vector Control Inverter for Your Industrial Applications?

Are you tired of dealing with constant motor failures and inefficient energy consumption in your industrial applications? Look no further than FRECON’s Vector Control Inverter. This innovative technology offered precise control over motor speed, torque, and position, enhancing performance and reducing downtime.

What is a Vector Control Inverter?

In industrial applications, a vector control inverter is used to regulate the speed and torque of an AC motor. The inverter converts AC power from the grid into adjustable AC power that is then used to drive the motor. This type of inverter is also known as a field-oriented control (FOC) inverter.

The main advantage of using a vector control inverter is that it allows precise control over the motor. This is especially important in applications where the engine needs to start and stop frequently or where it needs to operate at very low speeds. Additionally, vector control inverters are typically more energy efficient than other inverters.

The Advantages Of FRECON’s Vector Control Inverter

FRECON’s vector control inverters offer high performance and reliability. With a wide range of options, they can be customized to meet the specific needs of your application.

FRECON’s vector control inverters are also very cost-effective. They offer excellent value for the price, and FRECON’s quality guarantee backs them.

Finally, FRECON offers excellent customer service and support. Their team is always happy to assist if you have any questions or need help with your vector control inverter.

Why Choose FRECON’s Vector Control Inverter

There are many reasons to choose FRECON’s vector control inverter for industrial applications. One reason is the flexibility that our vector control inverter offers. With our vector control inverter, you can customize your motor’s performance to match your application’s specific needs. This means you can optimize your system for maximum efficiency and power output.

Another reason to choose FRECON’s vector control inverter is our products’ reliability. Our inverters are built to last and come with a warranty to back up our claims. We have a proven track record of providing quality products and excellent customer service.

Our vector control inverters offer many features that can benefit your application. Some of these features include:

-Advanced digital control technology

-High-speed processing capabilities

-Fully programmable I/O

-Modular design for easy installation and expansion

When you choose FRECON’s vector control inverter for your industrial applications, you’re getting a reliable, flexible product packed with features that can benefit your business.


In conclusion, the FRECON Vector Control Inverter is an ideal choice for any industrial application due to its high performance and efficient operation. It can be easily installed and operated with minimal maintenance requirements and offers superior vector control capabilities and a range of other features that make it perfect for various applications. This inverter will meet your needs whether you’re looking for excellent reliability or cost-effectiveness.

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