How to count numbers to make it easy to win and detailed instructions

How to write numbers so it’s easy to win is always the first concern in lottery predictions. For new players, this method is relatively unfamiliar and not widely known. So bookies To you will provide you with the most effective methods to play lottery
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Introduction to lottery numbers

Before learning about how to easily win lottery numbers, let’s go over a few details about the concept of lottery numbers.

How to pack lots or numbers depends on each place, depending on each region, there will be different ways to pack. If for the South or Central, lottery numbers are understood as the way to play lottery. Accordingly, players must predict the numbers of the prizes that will be drawn during the day. The Central and Southern Lottery has a prize system of 18, giving you freedom to choose.

As for the North, the concept of lottery numbers is understood as a single way of playing lottery numbers, also known as white lottery numbers. There will be many effective methods of betting and predicting to help players predict accurately.

Instructions on how to cover numbers so it’s easy to win

For experienced players, finding numbers that are easy to win is extremely easy. But for new players, you need to learn the following experiences:

How to calculate numbers in the South and Central regions to make it easy to win?

The South and Central regions have the same solution system, so the lottery numbering methods are almost the same. Accordingly, there will be two main methods: playing lotto 2 and playing lotto 3.

For lottery 2:The player needs to predict the last 2 numbers in the prize numbers of prizes 3 and 4. There is also another way if following this type of betting, which is to predict the last 2 numbers in all 18 drawn prizes. The amount of the bonus also differs slightly. When playing method 1, it will be 30 times the bet, and method 2 will be 4 times the bet.

For lottery number 3:The form of lot 3 will be simpler than lot 2. Here, players only need to predict the first 3 numbers or the last 3 numbers in the drawn number sequence of the special prize. Because this method has an extremely low winning rate, many players rarely choose to participate. However, on the contrary, if you guess correctly, the reward will be huge. Specifically, it can be hundreds of times the amount of your initial bet.

How to find numbers in the North to make it easy to win?

In the North, there will be more variety in how to choose numbers that are easy to win. Accordingly, people like the Central and Southern regions also have a system of playing lotteries 3 and 2, but there will be additional lotteries.

For cross lottery:With this form of betting, you can choose a variety of bets. There will be bets 2, bets 3, and bets 4, and their bonus levels will gradually increase according to each type.

For lottery 2: is different from the other two regions, in the North we only predict the last 2 numbers drawn in the special prize and first prize. However, the amount of bonus received is very large, up to 80 times the bet amount.

For lottery 3: is similar to lot 2 but the player must correctly guess the last 3 numbers in the number sequence of the first prize and special prize. The bonus received is also very valuable, even hundreds of times the bet amount.

Problems with how to win numbers easily

For those of you who are just starting out with lotteries, it will be impossible to avoid problems that are difficult to solve. Therefore, EE88 will fully support you to answer your long-standing concerns.
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Does playing lottery require any technique?

The answer given here is yes. The decision of whether you can guess the prize or not depends on the playing method. Currently, there are many different methods that you can choose from. For example, the prediction method, the memory method, or betting based on the concept of dreams. Depending on your skills, you can choose as you like.

Can I bet on multiple lottery numbers at the same time?

Currently there are no regulations on how many lottery numbers you have to play. Feel free to bet, if you don’t like to bet alone then just bet in pairs. Playing multiple bets at the same time will help you allocate financial resources appropriately. Avoid spending too much money on one number and then failing miserably.

What should you do to increase your luck when playing?

Luck is just part of the game. People often say that success or failure depends on skills, so please hone your skills effectively. You can also choose your date of birth to bet if you believe in your luck.


So through the above article of bookmaker New88, we have shown you how How to write numbers that are easy to win. Let’s apply that information into practice to be able to hunt for lottery numbers Lottery The most beautiful ever.

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