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Improve Your Dental Practice with De Corematrix’s Dental Zirconia Block


De Corematrix® TT is a high-quality white zirconia block that offers exceptional transparency and strength. This zirconia block is an excellent choice for creating white tooth crowns that mimic the natural appearance of teeth. By utilizing our special dyeing solution, the white zirconia block can achieve the ultimate beauty effect, resulting in a natural and visually pleasing outcome.

Cost-Effective Solution

De Corematrix’s Dental Zirconia Block is a cost-effective solution for creating white tooth crowns. By reducing the need for multiple appointments and adjustments, this zirconia block can help dental practices save time and money. Additionally, its exceptional strength ensures long-lasting dental restorations, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Versatile Applications

De Corematrix’s Dental Zirconia Block is highly versatile and can be used for both single-tooth crowns and 3-unit bridges in the anterior region, including veneers. This makes it an excellent choice for dental practices that offer a wide range of dental restorations.

 Standardized Business Processes

By using De Corematrix’s Dental Zirconia Block, dental practices can standardize their business processes. This zirconia block offers consistent and reliable results, ensuring that every white tooth crown is of the highest quality. This can help dental practices improve their efficiency and reputation.


De Corematrix’s Dental Zirconia Block is a cost-effective and versatile solution for creating lifelike and durable white tooth crowns. By utilizing this zirconia block, dental practices can improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and offer exceptional dental restorations to their patients.

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